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How to Avoid a Dry Hit!

How to Avoid a Dry Hit!

If you haven’t had a dry hit when vaping yet, then you’ve been lucky and learning how to avoid a dry hit in future could save you a very nasty experience and a few coils along the way!

If you haven’t experienced a dry hit yet, then count yourself lucky. For many beginner vapers that first dry hit can put a serious downer on any potential vaping experience. Avoiding dry hits will come with experience, but in the beginning, there are a few simple things that you can do to avoid dry hits.

What Is A Dry Hit?

When you inhale or take a hit on your vaporizer, power is sent from the battery to the atomizer. Power is then transferred to the coil which is located inside the atomizer. This power rapidly heats up the coil, and the wicking surrounding the coil. If the coil is properly primed and the tank is filled with e-juice, the wicking material will be heated, and the e-juice turned into a vapor.

When the coil isn’t correctly primed, or your tank has run low on e-juice, all that power is sent from the battery to the coil still heats the coil. Instead of turning the e-juice into a delicious vaper, it burns the wicking and what you get is a horrible, burnt, dry hit that will leave a bad taste in your mouth and a sore throat. Sometimes when you have the wattage turned up to high, the vapor in the wicking is burned faster than it can absorb. Ultimately, a dry hit can burn the wicking inside the coil so bad that you won’t be able to use it again without getting a horrible taste.

How to Avoid Dry Hits

To avoid dry hits, it’s important to carefully adjust your wattage until you find a comfortable level where you get great hits without burning the coil. Try different settings and avoid taking huge hits or chain vaping. Chain vaping can burn through the e-juice faster than the coil can wick. Never run your vaporizer tank down low on e-juice and try to keep it at least half full.

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