We began with the belief that the Graham Father, our all-time best-seller, was the hands-down best flavor we ever tasted. With this one flavor, Public Brü gained international distribution and notoriety with a cult following. The flavor has been a crowd-pleaser for years and continues to blow customers away with the perfectly-balanced combination of graham crackers and fresh milk.

However, we knew that this was just the beginning...


Today, Public Brü Gourmet E-Liquids boasts seven fresh and unique flavors offering both standard and salt varieties to your local vape retailer. We pride ourselves on developing all-day vapes that don't get old after a few drops, a single squonk, or one full tank.

In the end, Public Brü is a collective of flavor enthusiasts with one goal: to give the people what they want. And what is that exactly? It's quite simple: delicious all-day vapes at reasonable prices. That's all there is to it.