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Appendix for Vaping Lingo!

Appendix for Vaping Lingo!

Heard some vaping jargon but not sure what was said?

Vaping still grows in popularity around the world, and this popularity is leading to innovation and expansion across the industry. All this change means improved hardware, slick new devices, creative tricking techniques and a new vaping vernacular, or slang terms rooted in vape culture.


Don’t be surprised when you run into some unfamiliar vape slang. We’ve all been there!

  • ADV – This is an All Day Vape.
  • Atomizer or Atty – What heats your e-juice - a heating element surrounded by wicking.
  • Box Mod – A vaporizer that is shaped like a small box.
  • Cartomizer – Cartridges which have the atomizer built in.
  • Cigalike – A basic disposable e-cigarette that looks like a traditional cigarette.
  • Clearomizer – A clear tank with the atomizer built in.
  • Cloudchasers – Vapers "chasing" cloud production or creating small weather systems.
  • Coil – The heating element within the atomizer.
  • Drip Tip – The mouthpiece accessory on any vaporizer or e-cigarette.
  • Dripping – A manual process of dripping e-liquid directly onto a wicked coil.
  • Dry Burn – A method to clean your atomizer (without wicking) to extend its life.
  • Dry Hit – Taking a hit on a vaporizer with no e-juice (a dry wick), which burns the throat.
  • E-Liquid & E-Juice – The liquid which is vaporized in e-cigarettes and vaporizers.
  • Flooding – When too much juice is put into the atomizer, flooding the coil.
  • Lung Hit (Direct-To-Lung) – Inhaling vapor directly into the lungs, bypassing the mouth.
  • Mechanical Mod – Vaporizer that has fewer safety features or no temperature/voltage-regulating chip(s) between the battery and 510 connection, often for more advanced users.
  • Mod – Could refer to any vaporizer's battery or when a factory vaporizer is modified.
  • Mouth Hit (Mouth-To-Lung) – When vapor is inhaled into the mouth, before being taken into the lungs, like the puffing mechanics in hitting a cigarette.
  • Nic – Short for nicotine. In context: "I'm feeling nauseous, I'm nic'd out!" after finger-tasting or vaping too much e-liquid (ingesting too much nicotine) in a short period of time.
  • Ohm – A measurement of electrical resistance common in vaping.
  • Ohm's Law - "Ohm's law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points." - Wikipedia Equation: Electrical Current (in Amperes) = Voltage (in Volts) / Resistance (in Ohms)
  • Passthrough – A style of vaporizer which allows vaping while charging the device.
  • PG – Propylene Glycol. One of the main ingredients in e-juice, associated with "carrying" flavoring and nicotine in the e-liquid mixture, while less viscous or thinner than VG.
  • Regulated Mod – A vaporizer which features electronic chips/battery safety features.
  • Resistance – The ease by which electricity can travel between the heating element and battery, mostly varied based on different coil setups, measured in Ohms (see Ohm's Law)
  • Stealth Vaping – The act of vaping secretly or discreetly.
  • Steeping – Aging or oxidizing e-juice to improve the flavor over time.
  • Tank – The e-juice tank that fits atop a vape battery/mod.
  • Threading – The connection on the mod which connects the tank to the mod, often 510.
  • Throat Hit – The throat sensation while inhaling on a vaporizer, likened to hitting a cigarette.
  • Unregulated Mod – Similar to a mechanical mod, it features no chips or safety features.
  • Vaping – The act of inhaling on an e-cigarette or vaporizer.
  • Vaper’s Tongue – When you have vaped a flavor or vaped too much and lose the ability to taste flavors - (see "nic'd out" from "Nic")
  • VG – Vegetable Glycerin. One of the main ingredients in e-juice, associated with the cloud production potential in e-juice - e.g. "Max VG" ~ maximum vapor output
  • Variable Voltage – Allows you to adjust the voltage on your vaporizer.
  • Variable Wattage – Allows you to adjust the wattage on your vaporizer.
  • Wick – The material surrounding the coil which soaks up e-juice, usually cotton-based.
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